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The Top 3 Reasons Why A Pet Microchip is Essential for Your Pet

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Pet microchip is one of the most crucial thing when it comes to having a new pet and microchipping only takes a couple of minutes and is virtually painless. When you have your pet microchipped your details, as well as the animal’s name, are recorded onto the chip. A vet or other animal professional can simply scan the chip to discover the information. If you move house you should contact petlog┬áto get the details on the microchip changed.

1. Make it difficult for thieves

If you have a pedigree cat or a small pedigree dog, they are attractive to thieves who see them as a source of illicit revenue. Most thieves tend to steal pedigree pets to order and then sell them on. If that pet is taken to the vet at any time, goes missing, or is involved in an accident, it’s likely that the vet will scan for a chip and discover that the person in charge of that cat or dog is not its rightful owner. It’s far more likely that you will get a stolen pet back if it’s chipped with your details.

2. Missing cats

At some time in their lives, a good number of cats go missing, either they get picked up by a stranger who mistakenly thinks the animal is homeless, get hurt in an accident, or shut in somewhere. Studies suggest that more than eighty percent of missing cats are never returned to their owners. If your cat gets lost and you put out leaflets and pictures of that animal, an honest citizen will either return the animal to you if they have them, or take it to the nearest veterinary surgery or RSPCA. Just a simple scan will provide the owner’s name and address and the animal will be returned to you safe and sound. If your pet does go missing, there’s a far higher chance that it will be returned to you if you’ve had the animal microchipped.

3. Road accidents

Sadly, cats love to wander all over the place and a good number of them can end up either dead or injured in a road accident. There’s nothing worse than for a pet to go missing and you, the owner, not knowing what has happened to that animal. If you’ve had your cat or your dog fitted with a microchip then it will be much easier for a vet to identify the owner and notify you of the accident. If your cat or dog has been killed in that accident, at least you won’t be left wondering what’s happened to them and you will be able to begin your grieving process. If your pet is injured, then once the vet has dealt with those injuries, your pet will be returned to you.

It really does make sense to have your pet microchipped. All too often a beloved pet goes missing for one reason or another and without that microchip the owner might never know what’s happened to their pet. Microchipping is not expensive and it could save you a lot of heartache.