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The perfect theft deterrent for equestrians.

Marked items are avoided by those stealing and those dealing in stolen goods.

This system is based on standard police procedures and I useful to:

The Police; Trading Standards; Insurers and even HMRC

The kit contains:

4 x RFID injectable microchips which are ideal for saddles

5 x RFID 20mm self-adhesive tags that can be used for rugs, tools, horse box or trailer, and yard equipment.

1 x UV marking pen with built in UV light. Use this to put invisible marks on anything. These marks can be specific whereas other systems may use all the same markings.

5 x Anti-Tamper, self adhesive, numbered warning signs which clearly indicate that goods have been marked.

1 x Tack-Room-ID passport in which you can provide all the information the police and insurers will need if your items are stolen, lost or damaged.

1 x Hand-Held, battery-powered, RFID scanner. The essential piece of kit for the equestrian as it will check the legally required RFID microchip implanted to identify the horse and it can also be used for dogs.