COMPACT MAX PET MICROCHIP SCANNERS reads all chips for animals

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THE MID09 from Micro-ID Ltd is a versatile microchip scanner/reader for all animals,

Thanks to its peripheral antenna, the COMPACT MAX features top of the range reading distances in only 16cm (6.29”) x 8cm (3.14”) x 2cm (0.78”) and 170gm (6 oz). The scanner can easily fit in any pocket and is able to read FDX-B (ISO), FDX-A/Fecava, Trovan and Avid encrypted microchips. Its basic protection against water also makes it the ideal scanner to use in any condition. From puppies and kittens to adult dogs, cats, also horses, birds, exotic pets, tortoises, hedghogs, fish & reptiles..

Scans directly to PC acting as a keyborad wedge to drop the chip number into any document.

COMPACT MAX delivers the identification you need. COMPACT MAX has great ergonomics and a very intuitive icon based, graphic interface which makes it the easiest reader to use on the market.


Highlights •Best-in-class reading performances •Extremely easy to use

  • Slim and elegant design • 16cm x 8cm x 2cm”
  • Pocket size, lightweight • 170 gm
  • Long lasting, rechargeable lithium battery.DatamarsCompactMax
  • Bright colour display •Reads any companion animalmicrochip.

Ideal for vet clinics, shelters, rescues and animal control agencies.