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Why Everyone Should Own A Cat Now, It Could Save Your Life!

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Right backs to the time of the Ancient Egyptians cats were deified, and were often shown more respect than people. Today, cats are one of the most popular pets in the world – and they are also animal that can have a massive beneficial impact on human health. Right back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians cats was deified, and was often shown more respect than people. Today we also use cat microchips to return them quickly to us.

Owning A Cat Can Be Therapeutic

Like most creatures cats are social animals. They enjoy human company and, during times of great stress, their presence can be therapeutic. Talking to your cat, for instance, when you have suffered a deep loss can aid the healing process. While stroking your cat can be beneficial in terms of reducing stress levels and increasing oxytocin levels, which can make us feel happier. When some people are affected by depression, knowing that they can count on their cat’s love can also help to make life more bearable.
Research at the University of Minnesota, over a period of a decade, has come up with some very interesting results for cat owners. The research showed that, as stress levels are markedly reduced for cat owners, so, too, are the chances of a heart attack. The study came to the conclusion that the risk of having a heart attack was reduced by 40% – if you owned a cat. Research by Canadian scientists also revealed that cats can reduce cholesterol levels in humans, and it’s believed, too, that cats can have a calming effect on people who have Alzheimer’s.

How Cats Can Be Good For Children

Children can benefit enormously from having a cat in the house. Another study suggested that over 80% of children feel more comfortable talking to their cat about their feelings than they do their parents or friends. Also, in the same study, some 87% of children regard their cat as a close friend.
Cats can be beneficial to children’s health, too. People who grow up with cats can develop an immunity to asthma, because of how the immune system can benefit from a cat living with a child. Furthermore, children with autism, according to a University of Queensland study, have been shown to ‘connect’ with cats, because both have similar temperaments.

Companionship And Mutual Compassion

Companionship is another beneficial aspect of owning cats. The affection for a cat can be very intense, and, in terms of offering happiness, be something akin to a romantic relationship, according to a study in Switzerland. A stray cat can also make the first move and identify a kindly soul, while cats that you already have can make friends with other cats, and bring them round for lunch!

A cat called Pudding did actually save his owner’s life. When Amy Jung had a diabetic seizure, Pudding nudged her to try and wake her up, and then alerted her son. He called the emergency services, and Amy’s life was subsequently saved. Pudding showed a cat’s propensity to repay kindness with kindness, as he had only been adopted by Amy that very day.

Cats can also sense changes in mood, and will often respond to a human crying by sitting on their lap. A cat’s purr can also help to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and be effective in combating breathlessness. Consequently, a cat can be beneficial to your overall well-being.