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5 Reasons to Have a Cat Microchip Fitted

If you own a cat, it may have been suggested to you at some stage that you should get your cat a microchip. A cat microchip is a small, permanent device that is inserted under the skin of the cat, usually at the back of the neck. The chip itself is only the size of a single grain of rice, and it doesn’t cause any discomfort to your feline friend whatsoever. Each microchip is unique and has an identification number that is recognised when scanned. Details of each microchip and the animal associated with it are kept on a database that allows for easy identification should the need arise. So, what are the main reasons for having a microchip for your cat?

Help Your Cat Live Long and Prosper

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Cats are incredible companions; loyal, cuddly and great hunters. The average lifespan of a cat is 10 to 15 years; less, however, if the cat goes outdoors, lowering the life expectancy to seven years, increasing to an average of 11 years if your moggy stays indoors. Nevertheless, these (like average human life expectancy statistics) are just that – averages. Olive, owned by John Burgess of Manchester, is 24 – or one 113 in human years – and she’s still catching birds!

How to Stop Cats Scratching Your Furniture

how to stop cats scratching furniture

There are a number of reasons why cats like to scratch. It helps to sharpen their claws, it’s a good way for them to stretch their muscles and it’s also a way for them to mark their territory. If your cat likes to scratch your furniture then this can be a problem because, obviously, you will not want your furniture to be ruined. Here is how to stop cats scratching furniture: 1. Use a homemade deterrent There are a number of homemade deterrents that can be used to try and discourage your cat from scratching the furniture. Cats do not like the smell of citrus fruits so spraying the furniture with lemon juice could keep them away from the piece in question. However, you will…

Having a Pet Can Improve Your Child’s Health

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There have been a number of studies in recent years that suggest that children who grow up in a home with a pet dog or cat can be less likely to develop allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma. These studies first started to appear in 2006 and since then almost every one of them has shown a direct link between children having pets and not developing allergies, respiratory infections and ear infections.

Get Ready for Pet Emergencies With a Pet Microchip

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Many people treat their pets like children and that may be because a lot of the problems you have with a child, you might also have with a pet. Children like to roam and can get lost and, as we know, so do pets. With young children, of course, you don’t let them out alone, but with pets, particularly cats, it is a whole different ball game and this is why it is so important that you take the necessary precautions.  Of the many expenses you might incur with a pet, the one that you should be able to do something about is loss. Cats in particular have a habit of wandering far from home and, because they are small, they can get themselves caught…

Cat Owners Beware the Dangers of Permethrin

dangers of permethrin for cats

Here at Micro ID we don’t just specialise in pet supplies, we like to look out for our furry friends too! Permethrin is an ingredient that is found in flea protection which is designed to be used for dogs. However, it is a substance that is very dangerous to cats and there have been an increasing number of cases where it has been administered to cats with potentially fatal consequences. Leading animal charities and pet healthcare brands believe that the reason why this seems to be happening more frequently is because products that contain permethrin are on general sale in a number of stores. Many shop assistants themselves are probably not aware of the danger that these products pose to cats and therefore cannot warn…