About Us

Micro-ID is one of the leading suppliers of RFID equipment in the UK, with company Director Richard Fry having over 20 years experience in the microchip Industry.

With fully trained staff on hand to advise on any questions you may have about RFID equipment & technology we supply a complete microchip package for pets.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide and continue to innovate with increasing quality and variety within the micropchip industry. By doing so we aim to offer more choice and opportunities for industry professionals. As dog microchipping is becoming compulsory in the near future, it is important that we continue this goal of innovation and providing the industry with only the best microchips and microchip scanners.

We want a world where every pet can be registered and safely chipped with one of our microchips, allowing us to reunite you with your beloved pet.

Benefit for Vets

As a professional vet you will get up to 10% discount on your orders and also you will be able to shop in bulk. You will be seeing and managing all your orders easily on your dedicated industry professional Micro-ID account.

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