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HAZARD-DIARY [EAN 0710270158027]

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Hard-Diary collects and presents evidence for Health & Safety. It is the system for protecting you business when something goes wrong and you are on the receiving end of either a civil claim for damages or a criminal investigation from a regulatory body such as The Health and Safety Executive.

This is not an incident or near miss book but a record of how your have dealt with hazards and prevented incidents.

Record the hazards you observe and the preventative actions you have taken. This will give written evidence supporting your safety leadership and this can help reduce the consequence of liability actions and criminal proceedings.

It will also support you when negotiating insurance cover.

Hazard-Diary is a semi AI system that remembers how your business works so data entry is easy and rapid and ensures standardisation for reporting and analyses.


ID marking to identify hazardous items is supplied including a free RFID scanner.

HAZARD-DIARY runs under Microsoft ACCESS 2007 onwards and can be run on:

Tablet; Laptop; Individual PC; Local Networked PCs and under 365 Cloud

Ensure you have the Business version of ACCESS by buying from the Microsoft Shop or an authorised dealer.