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Prepare your Pet for the Future with Pet microchips


What is Pet Microchip?

Pet microchips are no bigger than a grain of rice but contains unique information which can identify your pet with a serial number. Pet microchips are generally inserted between the shoulder blades in dogs and cats and many owners choose to have a microchip inserted when their pet is undergoing other procedures at the vet such as spaying or neutering. Pet microchips can also be used with horses and other larger animals that may run the risk of escaping their home or of being stolen.

How Does a Pet Microchip Work?

If a pet is lost or stolen, a magnetic wand can be waved over the area where their chip should be. If they are chipped, this will send a signal to the magnetic wand, which is converted into data which can be seen on a computer screen or a display screen on the wand. Each chip is programmed with a completely unique number so when the chip is scanned, the name, address and details of the dog owner should be easy to get hold of.

Is Microchipping Dangerous

Either dog or cat microchipping is a very safe and painless procedure. The insertion process can cause some discomfort but once the chip is in place it shouldn’t give your pet any trouble. Pet microchips are coated with a special material which over time bonds to the flesh of your pet so that the chip won’t move around inside your pet’s body.

What are the Benefits of Pet Microchipping?

There are endless benefits to pet microchipping in the UK and experts expect that compulsory chipping will lead to more responsible dog and other pet ownership across the country.

Pet chipping is perfect for dog breeders, especially if the puppies they breed are highly valued, as they can chip the puppies so it’s easy to tell which breeder they came from, which will lessen the risk of puppy farming, organised crime and dangerous diseases.

Stray dogs can quickly be returned home and owners can be given the opportunity to learn more about keeping their pets safe and healthy so it’s less likely they’ll stray again.

Chipping your pet will deter thieves from trying to steal it as when your pet is chipped, they can also be traced, which means if a thief gets his hands on a chipped pet, he won’t have it for very long!

If an unidentified pet is involved in an accident the owners can be easily contacted if the animal needs emergency surgery or another medical procedure.

If an animal is found to have been treated cruelly the owners can be found and investigated much more easily if the animal has been chipped.

So if your pet isn’t quite prepared for 2014 then make sire you get them ready for the future with a pet microchip.