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Ice Water Can Be Deadly For Dogs

ice cold water can be dangerous for dogs

We treat our dogs like family, so we are compelled to treat them like it in many ways. One of the ways is by feeding them things we eat, and giving them things we like to drink ourselves. This is where the reason comes in for giving our K9 friends iced water. On a hot day, there’s nothing more a human person enjoys than a nice big glass of iced water. Unfortunately, ice water is dangerous for dogs, it has been said this can be extremely deadly for them.

Giving a dog iced water can cause their muscles to spasm, which can prove deadly, and is the last thing every dog owner would want to happen. If you give iced water to a dog whose external temperature seems to be normal, there is no way to tell whether it’s internal temperature inside of the stomach is still high. If you give a dog iced water when the internal temperature is still high, you can risk causing extremely severe muscle spasms and GDV.

GDV, or Acute gastric dilation – volvolvus, is a condition with death rates ranging from 10% to 60%, so it can potentially be life threatening for your pooch. If this happens, your dog will require immediate surgery. If your dog accumulates too much fluid or gas in the stomach, it can result in GDV, so the bloating caused from providing them with iced water can easily cause this. It IS fairly unlikely that a dog will contract this just from the iced water alone, but rather drinking large quantities or water can be more likely to cause the affliction.

Because iced water is usually given to the dog while they are hot and thirsty, it then increases the chances of them over drinking which can cause the bloating. It is also likely to cause vomiting, which is again not good for the internal stomach mechanics of your dog.

The problem with these conclusions, is that largely unproven and researched, there is a lot of dispute on the internet as to whether iced water alone, drinking too much water, or giving a dog something to eat or drink while they are very hot can cause any of these problems. Vets and scientists have argued this point since the information initially started doing the round online. There have been a lot of testimonials from people who have visited vets and been told that they had been lucky their dogs had been saved after giving them iced water. A lot of vets have come out and touted this as an online hoax or rumour.

The story about iced water for dogs, which apparently started circa 2007 has been debated endlessly. Although nothing conclusive has come to light as of yet, it would probably be best to err on the side of caution if you are a responsible dog owner. There are many other ways to keep your dog cool, and fresh, cool water is one of them. Shelter is also another obvious one, although it’s not always available if you get caught somewhere and it suddenly becomes sunny. You could also get a pool for cooling, although you would need to keep a close eye on your pooch to ensure they don’t drink all of the water.

Remember, as many internet myths and hoaxes go around, there is no smoke without fire, so if you can help it, use other methods to keep your dog cool until anything is proven.