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Why Your Dog Needs a Microchip?


What is a Dog Microchip?

A dog microchip is a tiny piece of technology no bigger than a small grain of rice which can be inserted under your dog’s skin using a large needle. The process is relatively painless and once the chip has been inserted your dog can easily be identified. Dog microchips contain electronic data which, when read by a special scanner or wand, is interpreted into a unique number which identifies the owner of the dog.

If a pet is lost, stolen or brought into a veterinary surgery following an accident and it has been microchipped, the vet used a wand or scanner to scan the chip and find the contact details of the owner. So dog lovers no longer need to worry about their pet disappearing, because if they get lost they are still intrinsically linked to their owner.

Pet microchips are covered in a special coating which means once they’re inserted (usually at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades) they knit to the dog’s flesh, which means they won’t move around or end up causing damage to your dog’s body.

What are the Benefits of Dog Microchipping?

The main advantage for owners microchipping their pets is that they can rest assured that should their dog be lots or stolen, these lost pets will be easily found. Microchipping is an excellent deterrent for thieves who target rare breed dogs and it is believed that dog microchipping will also help lessen immoral practices such as puppy farming and ensure that unsuspecting buyers do not unknowingly purchase a puppy with a dangerous disease or inherited defect.

In addition, experts attest that microchipping all dogs in the UK will save animal charities millions of pounds every year. According to a spokesperson for the Dog’s Trust the majority of the funds the charity receive are used up looking after stray dogs and hundreds of dogs are destroyed unnecessarily each year because their owners cannot be found. The Dog’s Trust also attest that pet microchipping will lead to more responsible ownership and help charities identify poorly treated or neglected pets more easily and educate owners about how to look after their pets more effectively. Dog microchipping will also reduce the number of people owning illegal breeds of dog which can be extremely violent, which will help lessen incidences of dog attacks.

Also, individuals can have one of the microchip training courses to be trained as an Implanter. It will give them a good credit and confidence as an Implanter.

So if you have a dog and you haven’t had them chipped, get in touch with your local vet to make your pet microchipping appointment.