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Cats That Have Found Themselves In Unfortunate Circumstances!

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A cat can be a fun pet to have around the home, but they do find themselves in trouble quite a bit. A combination of curiousness and the ability to climb means that they often get into situations they shouldn’t. Here are a few cats that found themselves in unfortunate circumstances.


The cat on a diet,


He was just looking for a light breakfast.

When your kitty litter box is full there are other places a kitty can go,


Like every good monster movie, the victims never look up, and that is where the monster always is. This cat may have seen too many monster movies.

Cat visit’s the red light district,


This cat was hosting a private protest about how much traffic is on the roads these days.

I didn’t do my work last night, but I have a good excuse,


A guy buys a house, he buys a cat, and the cat has the whole house to lie around in and relax. So why does the cat decide to lie in the one place it will be in the way?

I planted some catnip last night, I wonder if anything has grown,


Looking for somewhere to sleep, maybe somewhere where your brother is sleeping. Maybe a plant pot?

Cats pretend to be Americans and invade,


This poor dog must have the patience of a saint to put up with the fact that his bed has been invaded by two furry furball machines.

He was looking for his cat basket,


When you can’t find your cat basket, then any old basket will do.

Shark attacks are on the rise,


There is no wonder cats do not like water when there are sharks swimming around all over the place. Feel a little sympathy for this poor kitty that was gobbled up by a land shark whilst having a sleep.

A shelf worth of Ikea,


They say that cats are good for nothing. This cat proves them all wrong with her state of the art…shelf powers.

A deluxe cat bed,


Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the cats curled up at the bottom of the bed, but when they start monopolizing it you have to ask who really rules the roost in your home.

Get CSI on this one,


The powers of CSI and Columbo would have trouble figuring out who trod on this sandwich.

Come and hang with me homie,


This cat has watched far too much MTV. He wanted to hang with a few of his friends but really got the wrong end of the stick. Maybe it is a silent protest against wearing fur.

Trying to sneak out of the house,


Many cats are house-cats because they get into mischief when they go outside, and it leads cats to become very creative when it comes to escape attempts. In prison, a person may sneak out in the laundry truck, for a cat, hiding in the shopping bag is the next best thing.

Too many hours watching WWE,


When this cat said that he “had his friend’s back,” I am not sure that this is what the other cat had in mind.

One day I will claw my way to the top,


Some kittens just cannot figure out how chairs work.


When cats get religious,


This cat has seen the light.