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Prepare your Pet for the Future with Pet microchips


What is Pet Microchip? Pet microchips are no bigger than a grain of rice but contains unique information which can identify your pet with a serial number. Pet microchips are generally inserted between the shoulder blades in dogs and cats and many owners choose to have a microchip inserted when their pet is undergoing other procedures at the vet such as spaying or neutering. Pet microchips can also be used with horses and other larger animals that may run the risk of escaping their home or of being stolen. How Does a Pet Microchip Work? If a pet is lost or stolen, a magnetic wand can be waved over the area where their chip should be. If they are chipped, this will send a signal…

Top Tips for Caring for a New Dog

The first few days in a new home are very special for both you and your pet. Your dog may be confused about where he is and won’t know what kind of behaviour to expect from you. In order to start off on the right foot it’s essential you set a clear structure from the outset so integrating your dog into your family is as smooth as possible. Before your Dog Comes Home Find a space for your dog and set up everything he will need in it such as his dog bed and bowls. Your dog is likely to feel stressed when he enters your home so making sure he has his own space ready will make him feel more settled. Get in touch...
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