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What to do if you Lose Your Pet

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Animals go missing from home quite often. It is usually cats that go missing the longest, generally because they go out on their own and you have no control over how far they travel. If you take your dog to a strange place, and then let if off the lead, it’s all too easy for it to go AWOL. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you have a fence that’s high enough to keep your dog in your garden; if it gets loose then you could find that your pet is missing. Contact your local dog warden It is a legal requirement to report a missing dog to the local dog warden, you should do this as soon as you can after…

Why Everyone Should Own A Cat Now, It Could Save Your Life!

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Right backs to the time of the Ancient Egyptians cats were deified, and were often shown more respect than people. Today, cats are one of the most popular pets in the world – and they are also animal that can have a massive beneficial impact on human health. Right back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians cats was deified, and was often shown more respect than people. Today we also use cat microchips to return them quickly to us.


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Nurse Jess has been making headlines all over the country: this is because she’s no ordinary nurse, she is actually a beautiful loving springer spaniel! Her place of work and residence is on a wonderful farm close to Exeter, which is connected to the Devon Wildlife Trust. The holding is set on a whopping 180 acres of sprawling countryside, full of picturesque pastures and wonderful trees and woodland plants. Naturally, Jess does not live there alone, and this very special 10 year old, has 270 rare breed sheep for company! The sheep team up in groups (flocks), and freely graze the land. Naturally, they follow each other about, but where does Nurse Jess fit in?

Ice Water Can Be Deadly For Dogs

ice cold water can be dangerous for dogs

We treat our dogs like family, so we are compelled to treat them like it in many ways. One of the ways is by feeding them things we eat, and giving them things we like to drink ourselves. This is where the reason comes in for giving our K9 friends iced water. On a hot day, there’s nothing more a human person enjoys than a nice big glass of iced water. Unfortunately, ice water is dangerous for dogs, it has been said this can be extremely deadly for them. Giving a dog iced water can cause their muscles to spasm, which can prove deadly, and is the last thing every dog owner would want to happen. If you give iced water to a dog whose…

Pet Microchip: Respect Your Pet!

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Did you know that every dog in the UK must be chipped by 2016? If you have a pet and it’s not microchipped yet then make sure you make your vet appointment soon to get your pet microchip, otherwise you could face a fine of up to £500. The new legislation has been welcomed by the RSPCA and is intended to lessen the load for animal welfare charities by making it easier to find stray pets and identify the owners of pets who are being neglected or mistreated. But a spokesperson for the RSPCA explained that chipping alone would not ensure fewer dog bite incidents or make owners act more responsibility, insisting that more must be done to train new dog owners in how to properly…

Why Your Dog Needs a Microchip?

What is a Dog Microchip? A dog microchip is a tiny piece of technology no bigger than a small grain of rice which can be inserted under your dog’s skin using a large needle. The process is relatively painless and once the chip has been inserted your dog can easily be identified. Dog microchips contain electronic data which, when read by a special scanner or wand, is interpreted into a unique number which identifies the owner of the dog. If a pet is lost, stolen or brought into a veterinary surgery following an accident and it has been microchipped, the vet used a wand or scanner to scan the chip and find the contact details of the owner. So dog lovers no longer need to…

Five Fab Facts about Dogs

1. Dog Diseases Dogs are susceptible to many of the diseases which also affect humans. Around 6 million dogs contract cancer on an annual basis and many develop canine versions of less common human conditions. Illness is always sad but sharing the same diseases can benefit both dogs and man, because scientists can run clinical trials on pets that could help find a cure for all ills! 2. Dog Microchips From 2016 it will be compulsory for all dogs in England to be microchipped. A dog microchip is the size of a small grain of rice and is coated in a soda lime substance that helps it knit to the dog’s flesh. It’s inserted with a needle, usually between the shoulder blades and once your…

20 Amazing Facts for Dog Lovers

1. Dogs have been domesticated for more than 15,000 years, but they’ve held onto many of their primal instincts, including marking their territory, pack dependency and howling at the moon. 2. Dog microchipping is compulsory in wales and will be compulsory in England by 2016. A dog microchip is the same size as a small grain of rice. Owners need to have microchip scanners to keep under control their dogs through microchip. There are also microchip training courses are available for those who are planning to provide this service. 3. Research has shown that dogs are the only species of animal that can read emotions on someone’s face in the same way that humans can. 4. Dogs don’t see in black and white. They can…

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