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20 Amazing Facts for Dog Lovers


1. Dogs have been domesticated for more than 15,000 years, but they’ve held onto many of their primal instincts, including marking their territory, pack dependency and howling at the moon.

2. Dog microchipping is compulsory in wales and will be compulsory in England by 2016. A dog microchip is the same size as a small grain of rice. Owners need to have microchip scanners to keep under control their dogs through microchip. There are also microchip training courses are available for those who are planning to provide this service.

3. Research has shown that dogs are the only species of animal that can read emotions on someone’s face in the same way that humans can.

4. Dogs don’t see in black and white. They can see different colours, just not as distinctly as the human eye.

5. Dogs are hotter than humans. A dog’s average body temperature is around 103 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why fleas prefer your dog to you!

6. Around 50% of dogs who live to the age of ten or older will contract cancer. Dogs can get many of the cancers associated with humans including breast cancer, skin cancer and lymphoma.

7. Dogs can also smell cancer in humans. Some dogs are trained to sniff out abnormal cells and catch cancer in humans at its earliest stage.

8. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which can cause serious health problems for your dog, so if you think you’re treating your pet with a piece of chocolate, you could actually be treating them to a trip to the vet.

9. Some studies suggest that dogs with pronounced features and long snouts also live longer, whilst flat faced dogs such as Bulldogs have a shorter lifespan.

10. Dogs often seem scared in a thunderstorm but it could be that your dog’s reaction is actually as a result of pain. The frequency of thunderstorm noise can hurt your pets’ ears.

11. We often hear that dogs don’t sweat and that panting is their way of cooling down. However, dogs do sweat, but only through their paws.

12. Each dog has a unique nose print akin to a human fingerprint – just like human fingers, no two doggy nose prints are the same.

13. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell that allows them to hunt out criminals, missing people, bombs and even disease. A dog’s sense of smell is one thousand times more powerful than that of a human.

14. In the USA, around 1 million people have listed their pet pooch as the primary beneficiary in their will.

15. Why do scared dogs put their tail between their legs? Because it stops scents from the anal region which identify him from escaping.

16. Dogs produce oxytocin, a hormone that is present in humans when they feel jealousy or love.

17. The average dog can understand 150 words, but the smartest breed the Border Collie, comprehends around 250 words.

18. The Greyhound takes the biscuit as the fastest dog – they can run at speeds of 45mph!

19. Tail chasing is a throwback to the past, when dogs ran around in a circle to flatten tall grass and create a bed for themselves.

20. The only dog mentioned in the bible is the Greyhound. The reference can be found in Prov. 30:31.