Animal microchips, readers and cat flaps from Micro-ID

Here at MICRO-ID we offer one of the most comprehensive microchip systems and pet id solutions available for animals worldwide. We also offer the largest range of ISO scanners in the UK as one of the biggest provider for vet supplies. Supplying some of the biggest global names in the zoological and veterinary industries with our range of animal microchips. Thanks to our dog microchip and cat microchip, your pets will not be get lost anymore. Microchipping dogs and cats is an easy and pain-free process for your pet.

MICRO-ID offer one of the biggest ranges of ISO scanners in the UK. Whether you are seeking a simple hand-held device, a scanner with some memory or a more rugged & waterproof industrial scanner. You can be confident that we have a product to suit your requirements. Our array of animal microchips and scanners are used worldwide, with our chips being found in everything from your dog and even in reptiles, birds, and fish.

Microchipping Will Be Mandatory in 2016

Dog microchipping will be mandatory from April 2016 in England. From April 2015 in Wales. In order that you can get your dog microchip right now and you can also get our microchip training courses.
Animal’s are not the only thing you can ID with an RFID tag, essentially you can identify any object you like, as long as you attach the microchip in a secure way and there is no ferrous interference, some great examples of this are; saddle tags, grave tags, laundry tags and bin tags however the list is endless, contact our office for further information.

You Can Buy From Pet Foods to Microchip Cat Flap Online

So whether you are looking for anything from microchips for pets, microchip training courses, a microchip cat flap, pet microchip reader or microchip scanner to range of high quality dog and cat foods. You can buy Arden Grange Dog Food and Cat Food online, here at Micro-ID we have everything you need.

Featured Products
MID02 Microchip Pocket Scanner

MID02 Microchip Pocket Scanner£99.00

A compact pet microchip scanner which reads all ISO microchips, ideal for use in vet practices, animal rescues, local authorities and for people with pets on the pet travel scheme.

Halo Scanner with Case

Halo Scanner with Case£58.49  -  £64.99

This award winning scanner has a brilliant read range and is one of the most cost effective scanners on the market. It will read all ISO Standard 15 digit FDXB microchips.

MID05 Mini Scanner

MID05 Mini Scanner£74.99

The Mini-Scanner is one of the smallest RFID microchip scanner known today. In spite of its very small size it has a great read range and is ideal for personal use for breeders, Pet Travel Scheme or even as an additional microchip scanner.

The Original MINI-CHIP

The Original MINI-CHIP£4.99  -  £2,995.00

8.5mm Original Mini-Chip
The Original Mini-chip from Micro-ID. Perfect for use in Puppies, Kittens, Reptiles and Birds

Proof of implanter training is required for all non-veterinarians

MID08 Multi Chip Scanner with Case

MID08 Multi Chip Scanner with Case£142.80

Released in 2013 this impressive scanner is at the forefront of RFID technology. Capable of reading all ISO microchips, FDXA, HDX and EM 4102. There is nothing else on the market quite like this.

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